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Our Groovetastic story

“I desire to be to other women what I so desperately needed myself in a despairing time of life, a mentor with pom-poms in her hands and insight that brings about impactful change."

- Dr Maricia Sherman

HerGroove Founder

Air Force Veteran Spouse

Minority Woman Entrepreneur

HerGroove is much more than a makeup brand! We are a women-founded and women-inspired company that provides high-quality beauty and apparel products and we provide engaging educational services namely classes, seminars and workshops in the field of business, with one mission in mind: to empower women everywhere. Our desire is to service each and every woman who wears our products so that they will find the confidence needed to renew her inner strength, to maximize the brilliance of her mind, and to bring forth positive transformation in her life.

Since it was established in 2013, HerGroove has always directed its focus toward potential ways to support and to give back to the female community. In recent years, growing statistics have shown that many women in the United States and around the world are unable to afford or access mental health services or emotional support, leading to all-time-high numbers of depression and anxiety in the female population. As a caring company, we knew that we could use our makeup to make a difference that really matters.

When you shop at HerGroove, every time you make a purchase from our luxury line of custom cosmetics, you are not simply buying another beauty enhancement product — you're supporting a worthy cause that affects many women.


With every lipstick and gloss sold, HerGroove will donate a percentage of the proceeds to charities and organizations supporting the advancement of the mental and emotional health in women who need these services.  

Mental Health Wellness became our company’s primary philanthropic focus to ensure that woman are afforded easy access and low-cost opportunities to receive mental healthcare and emotional support on their journey to heal and find happiness in their life, whether they're recovering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or another psychologically taxing situation, such as the aftermath of domestic violence.

We want to bring about impactful change. We will be the change!



you can make a differencE. BE THE CHANGE.

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